Here are examples of Currently available Slide Sets-

If you want to use these as a marketing tool, direct your customers to this link


These are tried and true slide sets. We have been using VB on proms for over 25 years.

We have used them for many proms and dances.

Some of the examples shown have couples pasted in because even though we used them a lot when we took film, we have not done a digital prom with these slides yet. If you want to see what the finished pictures taken with VB look like, go to

or email me.

Each comes with files to print 8X10 sample prints

of couples with each background to be used as samples for selling the prom.


Slide Set 1 Slide Set 2
Slide Set 3 Slide Set 4
Slide Set 5

Slide Set 6

Slide Set 7 Slide Set 8
Slide Set 9 Slide Set 10

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